Someone To Gawk With

Port Authority Area 003My first grown-up visit to New York City was around Thanksgiving just about 40 years ago. We drove non-stop from Florida, my boyfriend and I, to spend the holiday with his family in New Jersey.

Exxon-Chase Bling 002I had a Kodak Instamatic camera and I took pictures of EVERYTHING! McGraw-Hill 001The street signs, the buildings, the people rushing around. McGraw-Hill 003Everything! Yes, I was the starry-eyed gawker, gaping at all the wonderfulness of New York.  McGraw-Hill 009He was the “Hurry up, let’s get out of here,” old hand who’d grown up with the city just a stone’s throw away and took it all for granted.

I don’t know where those pictures are.  The boyfriend became my husband and, after a time, we parted ways and wished each other well. Channel Gardens Christmas 001The man with whom I share my life today also shares my starry-eyed gawking and gaping at the wonderfulness of New York. Channel Gardens Christmas 010 Some things change.  Others just get better…


14 thoughts on “Someone To Gawk With

    1. Thanks, Annie. I spent many years partnerless, except for my daughter. Now that she’s all grown up and making a life of her own, it’s nice to have a different partner to share with, and to model that for her! 😉 xoxoM

  1. You might have seen the Rockefeller Center angels on your first visit. They’ve been there since 1954, sculpted by Valerie Clarebout. She passed away at 74, and I think I was working at Rockefeller Center at the time, although I don’t remember the year. I remember wandering among them and thinking what a beautiful legacy. They’re standing the test of time rather well.

    1. Yes, I probably did. I worked in the Rockefeller Center area for many years, and the angels have always been a favorite. I suspect they’ve undergone a recent refurbishment as they’re looking very clean and whole this year! xoM

  2. New York is still on the bucket list, but I share a lot of your feelings—they’re just directed to DC. Not the politicians on the Hill. But the city and all the people and sights are amazing for this Midwesterner and her husband. 🙂

    1. Yes, I know just what you mean, JM. My husband and I were just talking the other day about making a day trip to DC, not to protest anything (which we’ve done lots of times) but just to enjoy that majestic city! xoxoM

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