There Is No God That Allows Tragedy!

In the wake of the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday, December 14, 2012, I’ve read many posts railing against a power that allows innocents to be senselessly slaughtered. In this post, I’m sharing my thoughts and what I know to be Truth, in the hope that it may be helpful to someone.

For me, God is a concept, not some external entity or being, puppetmaster of sorts, rewarding me when it’s pleased, punishing me when it’s not. My concept of God aligns more closely with theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami’s description of the “realm of unlimited possibilities.” I’m not a physicist, or a scholar of any kind, and this is my understanding of what he says:

Everything in the Universe is created from the realm of unlimited possibilities.  When we begin making limitations on those possibilities, we are creating that which we see expressed in the physical world.  When Unlimited Possibilities are shaped by limitations in perceptions, we begin seeing a solar system, a galaxy, a human being, a dog, a flower, a planet…you get the picture.  Because everything that is in the physical world is, in effect, unlimited possibilities shaped by  limitations we perceive, we all come from the same source and we are all One.

This is my understanding of the concept, the idea, the abstraction of God.  My preferred synonym for God is Self, and I like Divine a lot, too.  Just to keep us on the same page.

I love to gaze upon the heavens.  In the daytime, I love to watch how clouds float across the sky, sometimes wispy, sometimes fluffy.  I love the play of the Sun’s rays through the clouds making them appear sometimes golden, other times pink or violet.  It’s not that the Sun favors any cloud over another in bestowing its splendor.  It just beams light, and the clouds catch and express that light uniquely.  None of this is personal, and all of it is splendid! The Sun, the clouds, the light are each a Perfect Expression of Self Expressing Perfectly.  Each one of those Perfect Expressions is Self having the experience of Sun, cloud, light. That’s how I see it.

In the same way, human beings are Self having a human experience. The interesting thing about my human experience is that I tend to forget whence I came from and believe that this human experience is all there is. When I’m stuck in that belief, that’s when it seems that a power outside of myself is capriciously pushing me this way and that, rewarding me or punishing me according to some secret code for which I didn’t get my decoding ring.  It is at these times that I’m bewildered by the seeming chaos of my existence.

“But I did all the right things…”

“Life is not fair!”

“What the freakin’ hell is going on????”

I am but one small spark of Self expressing perfectly, eternally.  Even though I know, on a profound level, that I am an expression of that Perfection, it’s not easy to hold on to that remembrance.  I still sink into the amnesia of suffering, despair, frustration…frequently.  Through much practice, I succeed more often than I used to in remembering that I am a Perfect Expression of Self in a human experience.  I remember more often that each and every one of us, regardless of appearance, is a Perfect Expression of Self. That’s when it becomes clearer to me that we are all One, and that it’s forgetfulness of our common source that leads me to make choices that harm, hurt, humiliate, devastate.  When I’m in that state of amnesia, it’s hard for me to see that I am engaging in self harm.

There is no outside entity, no power, higher or otherwise, that allows tragedy.

So, how do I, a tiny drop in the vast ocean of Self deal with such an event?  First I remember that I am One.  Through prayer.  Through meditation. Through music.  I remember.

Then, I contact my elected representatives, urging a change and a uniformity in gun ownership regulations.  My feeling is that this is a small step I can take to encourage discussion and change on a broader level. The idea that access to lethal weapons by the general population is a right boggles my mind.  That’s just me.

While we’re at it, let’s address the area of mental health.  Let’s bring compassion into the equation.  Just as we are exhibiting an outpouring of compassion and grief for those who have been so brutally assaulted and stricken, the victims and the loved ones they’ve left behind, let’s cultivate compassion and suspend judgment in our everyday interactions.  Let’s make it easier to seek help for any reason – and we all need help for some reason at some point of our human experience!

Let’s stop the blame and fingerpointing for the tragedies of the world.  Instead, let’s do whatever it is in our power to do, to shift the understanding.  To shift the experience.  To clearly see that harm to others is harm to one’s own self. There is no such thing as too small or too large.  There is only what we are each willing and able to offer.

My point is this:  There is no external God that allows a tragedy, and it is within the power of each and every one of us to effect change.


16 thoughts on “There Is No God That Allows Tragedy!

      1. Just got this and thought I would share. For cards and notes here is the address to send love and suport. : Sandy Hook Elementary School
        12 Dickenson Drive Sandy Hook, CT 06482. Hope you can use this and pass it on. Thank You….xoxo

    1. Thank you. And it is about a discussion. It’s time for each one of us to chime in so that we may all move forward as One, not unilaterally as has been done in the near past! xoM

      1. Indeed. It is quite past the time when we should be having this type of open discussion, without malice aforethought, during or afterward.
        So many minds are closed, not evolved, it seems. With limitless potential, we (or most of us) seem to be satisfied in allowing the brain to rail down the old familiar pathways.
        I’ve always thought people were wired for one point of view or another. I’m wired as you are.
        The question is, are we born this way, or are we created? I know we can change. We simply do not. We must be inherently lazy and wasteful of our gifts.

      2. Interesting question, Seapunk. I’m inclined to think that both nature and nurture have their say in our perceptions. We don’t live in a vacuum, and no matter what our “natural” inclinations may be, I feel we can’t help but be tempered by our experiences.

        It’s also interesting to me how many of us are not aware of our gifts, or, perhaps do not recognize our gifts as such and, therefore, have no idea how to put them to use. Many of us, perhaps most of us, seek validation of our worth externally. Not only do we seek that validation, we seek a particular kind of validation, and if/when we don’t get it, we assume the mantle of worthlessness. A heavy mantle to wear.

        I hear a lot of “What can I do?” accompanied by a shrugging of the shoulders. We do seem to have a perception that whatever we do as an individual is not going to effect any change and, therefore, not worth the effort. I disagree with that view. I feel very strongly that there is no such thing as a small or a large effort. Magnitude is a human concept and, as such, in my view, limited. The important thing is to simply make the effort. And it’s also good to remember that “simple” and “easy” are NOT synonyms: Just because something is simple does not make it easy to execute.

        And this discussion/dialogue between you and me and whoever may stumble upon it, is one of those efforts toward clarity and change. Thanks for helping! xoM

  1. Margarita, this is perfection – you’ve expressed the Truth so clearly and beautifully. I hope many many people read this. I’m keeping it to remind myself of the truth when I slip into little local self.
    Your words have said it all. Thank you so much for reminding us of what we need to remember, and also what we can do.
    Wonderful to read such positive non-judgmental wise words which move us on from the blame and the shame and hand-wringing.

    1. Thank you Valerie.Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your beautiful words. Thank you for all the wisdom you’ve shared with us before. I hope things are going well with you and that we may have the pleasure of your wonderful posts again at some point! A joyous holiday season to you, my friend! xoM

  2. I am not a believer in God, as I know the science. Also the experiences of many do not reconcile with what many religions account of God is. It makes no sense. A tradgedy like this is bad however we look at it, but it needs a little time and a real examination of the issues. None of it is straight forward. For example there are sensible gun owners, sure, but when you provide easy access to a killing tool, then the unstable ones are going to use it for what it is for. But there may not be a filter on who the intended use is on.

    So there needs to be a real understanding of the issues and some thought into how to deal with them . What will likely happen is nothing, then we will be having the same conversations again in six months when another unstable person chooses to harm another crowd of innocents.

    1. I agree with you, Elliot. The issues are many and complex. However, I urge each and every one of us to shake off our paralysis in the face of such enormity and take the steps that we are able to take to begin effecting a change. Even so, perhaps we’ll still be having this conversation again in six months. Or sooner. This incident is the 8th one in this country this year!

      Write your elected representatives expressing your views. Whether or not you’re an American citizen, you live in this country now and you’re a part of its fabric, society and constituency. Express your views. These people need to have a pulse on what’s going on and we, the people who live here ARE the pulse, the heartbeat of this nation, of this planet. Give us your two-cents’ worth!

      We cannot legislate EVERYTHING. We can, however, as a people, as a society, express that these kinds of tragedies CAN be reduced by all agreeing to some kind of intelligent rules, laws to protect everyone’s rights.

      Thanks, Elliot. By the way, my sweet husband is also an Atheist, and, like you (I can tell by how you write about your boy), a wonderful, ethical, moral human being! xoxoM

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