Mom, Do You Know What The Santa Con Is?

That’s what my darling daughter asked me yesterday afternoon as we were dodging the giddy, SantaCon Penn Station 029Santa-costumed revelers in the Penn Station area.

“It’s a convention of Santas,” I explained patiently to my child.  SantaCon Penn Station 030“They’ve been doing it a few years now.  I just didn’t realize it was this weekend!” I smiled at her.

“It’s a pub crawl, Mom,” said my child, rolling her eyes as she frequently does when explaining the obvious to her doddering  mother.

SantaCon Penn Station 001Wait! What? A pub crawl?  I thought it was a bunch of good-natured people, playing dress-up and having fun riding the New York City subways.  SantaCon Penn Station 021There’s drinking involved? And crawling? And how does my darling daughter know about this?  She won’t drink anything that’s flavored, much less carbonated or alcoholized.  She knows about pub crawls? SSPX0120How quickly they grow up! (sigh)


14 thoughts on “Mom, Do You Know What The Santa Con Is?

    1. They must coordinate. I can’t imagine that it would be coincidence! I saw one shirtless, very buff Santa fondling a rather buxom Christmas tree festooned with garlands as we were getting to the subway. By then, I was too tired to attempt a photo! lol xoM

  1. Awww! Yes, people our age end up knowing quite a lot about these things, whether we participate in them or not. Our peers do, the news does, and in my case, my mom has quite a lot to tell me. I didn’t know that about the Santas though…I thought that they were people coming out of jobs when I saw them around.

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