Mom, I Don’t Know What To Get My Friends For Christmas…

I suggested we go to Brooklyn to check out what Hula Sister Faune Yerby (you should go check her stuff out on etsy) was offering at the craft fair there.  So off we went on the A train to DUMBO.

“Darn! I should’ve gone to the bathroom before we left!” Brooklyn Bridge from High Streetsays my darling daughter as we get off the train at High Street.  “And I’m hungry.  Can we just move along?” she prods me as I pause to take a picture.

“But darling,” I say to her, muffling my laughter, “You have to suffer for my Art!” Gaslight in BrooklynYes, sometimes I think I’m a real comedian.  At least I make myself laugh!

Anyway, we walked down to the Empire Fulton Ferry section of Brooklyn Bridge Park and voilà: Brooklyn Bridge Park Approachrest rooms! There were three little girls ahead of my little girl, so I left her to wait it out while I snapped my photos with abandon!

Jane's CarouselIt’d been a while since my last visit, and the first thing I noticed was the glass-encased carousel between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.  It looked like a jewelry box with the promise all kinds of sparkly trinkets inside!

As I walked closer, I remembered that we had just passed a whole section on Water Street that was under construction.  There used to be artists’ studios and experimental theaters there…and the carousel used to be there, too!  Manhattan WaterfrontEverything has been moved to other locations in the neighborhood and the carousel certainly got the best spot!

It’s now called Jane’s Carousel and was lovingly restored by artist Jane Walentas over a period of about twenty years. About Jane's CarouselThe horses seem to prance about the platform spiritedly, displaying their refurbished finery. Prancing Carousel Horse It is GORGEOUS! Carousel RoofOf course, my darling daughter had to have a ride.  Carousel View of Manhattan BridgeShe reported that it was unexpectedly beautiful to be riding a carousel, on the waterfront, with stunning views of the bridges and Manhattan.  Carousel View with CeilingWell worth the two bucks for the ticket!

We did make it to the craft fair, and while I chatted with my Hula Sister, my daughter determined that there was nothing there she thought her friends would enjoy.  So off we went in search of sustenance.  Having taken care of the “I’m gonna spill inside!” problem, it was now time to solve the “Feed me!” problem!

While there are a number of interesting eateries in this area, that’s not my kid’s schtick.  She was excited to see the bagel shop, since we don’t get good bagels in Harlem, but they were out of sesame bagels and nothing else would do.  Front Street Pizza 007So we went over to Front Street Pizza, which has been there forever, and each had a slice. Front Street Pizza 008Taking pictures of the duded up windows, I noticed an independent book store across the street.  Not many of them left.

At the bookstore, she was able to find suitable gifts for her friends and Cutout Star in Brooklyn 001we made our way back to the subway haltingly…yes, more pictures!

Manhattan Bridge From Under the Brooklyn BridgeI like spending time with my daughter.  Who cares about presents under a tree when we’re walking along together, having fun?


21 thoughts on “Mom, I Don’t Know What To Get My Friends For Christmas…

  1. Margarita,
    What I love about your posts is that you give me New York on a weekly basis. It is my fave city, and I miss it dearly. So for that, thank you.
    Le Clown

    1. Ah, M. Le Clown, my work is done! My intention is to share the wonderful city I experience day in, day out. As much fun as I’ve had in this city as a tourist, it doesn’t compare to what I’ve received from it as a resident! So glad you enjoy it, too!

      By the way, Montreal ain’t no slouch in the gorgeous city department! xoxoM

  2. Love this post! I had my first chuckle of the day, from “You have to suffer for my Art.” (Same thing I tell my family.)
    Always enjoy seeing the city through your eyes, and your photos… they just keep getting better. Loving all the angles, lines, and depth.

  3. This post made me smile 🙂 I always love to read and hear about the adventures adults have when out exploring with children. My own experiences are full of wonderful memories too. They point out things and ask about things we adults just take for granted! The carousel does look like a jewelry box from the outside and they did do a fantastic job on the refurbish. Thanks for taking me along with you two. Making memories like this with our children is what fills them up inside and stays with them through their lifetime. I know that’s how it was for me!

    1. Yes, well, my child is 25 years old, with the heart and hopes of a five-year-old she reminds me! 😉 Even so, she does take me places I’ve forgotten to visit for a long time! xoxoM

  4. Lovely post. You should also have gone on the carousel.

    I had fun hanging out with my son this weekend also, plus we had a birthday party for him, Cookie Monster themed, although his actual 2nd birthday is wednesday. Top fun.

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