It’s Time…

David Walentas Building Brooklyn…for a little Christmas.

Jacques Torres Brooklyn 001Just a little bit.

Macy's Lights 001It’s still a week away.

George's GateAnd it’s only a day.

Macy's Clock 005It’s time, way past time,

Gaslight in BrooklynFor Peace and Goodwill

Reflections of Believe 002To be the year-round deal!


18 thoughts on “It’s Time…

  1. Love it!!!!! There is not place like NY at Christmas – unless you live there. When I lived there, the holiday crowds drove me nuts. But as a visitor, there is no where I’d rather be to get in the holiday mood. Thanks for the brief glimpse. And I’m with you – peace and goodwill should be the year round deal! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well.

    1. Thanks, Jen! Living here is better, I think, because we get to know the wonderful, quiet spots and don’t have to fight the crowds so much. I do avoid Midtown Manhattan as much as possible, at any time of year, but especially now! We’re all doing well, slowly easing into the Holiday groove. I’m the kind that starts about now and is ready to be outta here when the credits of “White Christmas,” one of our annual Christmas movies, roll! 😉 You? I know you’ve been busy and hope you’ll get a breather soon! xoxoM

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