The Metropolitan Museum Of Art: A Pause That Refreshes!

MMA 011As I was walking by the Metropolitan Museum of Art recently, the light bulb went off in my head and my small still voice said: “Why don’t you go in?” Instead of arguing that I was in a hurry, I didn’t have enough time to really look at the exhibitions, I didn’t feel like climbing the stairs (seriously?), all arguments I knew I’d lose, I just went with it!

The MMA is undergoing a renovation of its outdoor plazas and fountains that is scheduled to finish in the fall of 2014.  MMA 004There are construction barricades all along Fifth Avenue, informing the public about the changes that are taking place.  There’s heavy machinery over by the south wing of the building.  I like heavy machinery.  MMA 005I’m always fascinated by the tasks they are able to accomplish and by the people who operate these mechanical leviathans.

Inside, you have to go through security.  If you’re planning on visiting, know that you’ll be asked to check any large bag, package, or backpack in the cloak room.

MMA 006The entrance of the MMA is quite stately, with a rotunda in the center, MMA 007arches leading to each wing of the building, and marble balustrades protecting the galleries high above.  MMA 009The flower arrangements in this area are always massive, abundant and exquisite.  MMA Warhol Flowers 002Currently, there’s a Warhol exhibition.  MMA Warhol Flowers 003It’s appropriate to have these giant Flowers canvasses displayed in the floral lobby. MMA 008 A quick look at Ramses II gazing serenely at the holiday crowds, and I’m outta there!

MMA 003Yes, there’s tons more stuff to see and experience inside this wonderful building.  When a full-out tour is not possible, it’s nice to have a pause that refreshes!

8 thoughts on “The Metropolitan Museum Of Art: A Pause That Refreshes!

  1. The wonderful museums are just one of the reasons I love living near DC. My husband and I love to take our time going through just a few exhibits in a day. It’s such a stark contrast to the tourists who try to see everything in a week and really end up missing all of it.

    1. I agree, JM. When my daughter was little, we’d go to museums for an hour or so at a time. As a result, it was never a hardship to get her to go the a museum, and she still frequently suggests the outings! xoxoM

  2. Indeed, that was a refreshing look at heavy machinery! You’ve just made me realize of their real value and how many things there are out there (erasers, the light bulb, the chair) that is constantly getting ignored and not given the regard they deserve, Oh wow, I really am in some kind of a mood today…

    1. It would be hard for me to spend a day inside the Met, Maggie. I’m just not that smart and I’d be gasping for some low-brow stuff in no time flat! Luckily, living in NYC, I can enjoy my museums in sips! xoxoM

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