Let’s Do Lunch!

Cupcake Cafe 007That’s what Mike said recently. It turned out to be an honest-to-goodness, in-your-face, people-to-people kind of lunch.  So Ms. Sword-Chinned Bitch, Madame Weebles, and I said “Hellz, yeah!” and it was a date!

Cupcake Cafe 013Okay, so maybe I didn’t say “hellz,” but I definitely said “yeah!’ And while Ms. Sword-Chinned does actually have a beautiful sword-chin, she’s hardly a “bitch” in the human usage of that term.  Ultimately, Madame Weebles wasn’t able to make it (fuck!) and Mike had to make-do with a harem of two!

That's Mike's hand holding Sandee's book: "Mean Spirited Tales"
That’s Mike’s hand holding Sandee’s book: “Mean Spirited Tales”

No, I did not take any photographs of the participants because there’s no witness protection program for the blogosphere. Whew!

Cupcake Cafe 008What I found out is that the flesh-and-blood people are not that much different from the ones who reach out through their blogs to tell their stories and share their thoughts.  Although Mike did confess to some bait-and-switch tactics (as in “Dear God, please let me keep my hair at least until I get married!” Does your wife know there’s a balding man in her future?) he’s kind, thoughtful, and funny. Cupcake Cafe 006Sandee has her own brand of quirky humor.  While it may seem dark, there’s a sweetness deep inside that keeps me coming back…maybe it’s her fondness of cake.  How can anyone who loves cake not be sweet?

Both Mike and Sandee are published authors.  You can check out Sandee’s book, Mean-Spirited Tales, here and Mike’s book, Sarah Gives Thanks, here. Just sayin’, in case you haven’t finished your holiday shopping!

I enjoyed meeting my blogging friends in the flesh.  It’s nice to put the names, faces, and quirks together!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch!

  1. Hehehehe — you said ‘fuck!’ — hehehe! This was indeed a really good time for me! Great conversation, nice flow. I even loved the Philly cheese steak — never had one before. Perfect afternoon for me. Your cake picture came out so much better than mine! See you next time!

    1. It was cool, JM. There’s a lot to be said in favor of anonymity. There’s also a lot of comfort to be derived from knowing one’s fellow bloggers face-to-face! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Thanks, Kirby! The Cupcake Cafe DOES make delicious, and beautiful, cakes and cupcakes. And its people are generous community supporters. They’ve supplied many cakes for community special occasions, such as my daughter’s elementary school graduation many years ago, for free! It’s good to patronize them. 😉 xoxoM

  2. It is a small world indeed. I follow all of these fine folks and find them delightful and thought provoking.Happy you had this time together.

    1. Thanks, Mary. I’m finding this cyber-world quite intriguing and I’m often surprised by the relationships that spring up with people one has never met. It’s nice to know that our instincts about people, generally, hold true in in the cyber-world as much as in the flesh-and-blood world! 😉 xoxoM

  3. I still have my hair, I’m pleased to note. But, as the cupcake pic shows, I lack impulse control; mine is the one with the bite taken out of it.

    It was a joy to meet you both! Perhaps we can widen the social circle the next time around.

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