A Wintry Sun Sets Beyond The Hudson

Sepia Lincoln Center Sunset 001

The view from my friend’s apartment near Lincoln Center is always beautiful.

When the Sun begins its descent beyond the western horizon, however, it becomes … breathtaking!


20 thoughts on “A Wintry Sun Sets Beyond The Hudson

  1. I love the view from your friend’s apartment. Do you have cocktails and talk about literary things? I’ve read too many Capote books. It’s gorgeous, M.

    1. LOL! No, we have Japanese herbal tea and talk about…stuffs! Whenever I’m caught looking out at the stunning view she seems a little nonplussed that I find it so miraculous. After all, I’ve seen it for many years (lucky me!), she sees it every day, and yet there’s a newness and splendidness about it that never fails to move me! xoxoM

    1. Thanks, Victoria. I like the Sepia look. While color is always magnificent, I like to see how light is captured in the B&W and Sepia settings…still figuring it all out. SO glad you enjoyed it! xoxoM

      1. Very much enjoying!
        Color is fabulous, no doubt. But I think it’s a distraction, as you know, when your focus is on light & shadows. I’m no expert, but you are definitely figuring it out! XXX

        (if you see a double reply from me, the first one mysteriously disappeared, please delete.)

      2. Ah, yes, the vagaries of “WordPress ate my comment!” lol I’m very much enjoying the figuring out, Victoria. While it’s true that I could take classes to refine my technique (inasmuch as point-and-shoot can be deemed a technique!), I’m very much enjoying going the slow, meandering, trial-and-error scenic route. Without the burden – and cost! – of film developing, it’s nice to take my time to explore my vision at my own pace. Classes…not ready yet! Thanks for the company! xoxoM

      3. Margarita, I’ve never taken a class in my life, or read a book on photography. And I don’t intend to. I don’t want to take a chance on altering my vision. 😉

    1. Thanks, Mike! I almost left it out because my daughter expressed some doubt about it, and I’m so glad I was able to find a way to fit it in! Can you see your lovely hamlet somewhere over the Palisades? xoxoM

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