By daylight, just another fence bordering a cracked city sidewalk.

By night, an exquisite pattern of shadow lace reveals itself to those who remember to look…


18 thoughts on “Revelation!

    1. Ah, Brigitte, I’ve been seeing such intense beauty all around me recently, it’s almost as I’ve been transported to a different world! So glad you liked it! xoxoM

    1. Those are all from one fence, taken while I was freezing my butt off waiting for my sweet Mickey to decide what his next move would be! Isn’t it amazing how the tiniest shift in position can yield a completely different picture? xoxoM

    1. I don’t know about freak out, but it seems to have prodded some to look beyond what meets the eye! I checked out your site, Christopher. Lovely fences! Wrought iron does have the versatility of strength and beauty, and you seem to have mastered its integration! All the best! M

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