I’m Neither Here…

The Harlem street where I live

…nor there…

Manhattan Bridge

…although I’m feeling I’d rather be there, today I seem to have no energy to pick myself up and go there.  So, let’s look at some pictures together and pretend we’re there.

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Tomorrow…it’ll be different again…

19 thoughts on “I’m Neither Here…

  1. love the sepia filter – sometimes the get up and go is stronger inside of our heads than in our bodies lol. I find as I get older it’s even more so and I understand my grandparents a lot better. Inside I’m 19 and running and doing…but my 44 year old body says quite often…”nah, not going to happen chicky!”

  2. This week has been so dark and gloomy, I hardly have any energy for anything. If the weather forecasters can be right for a change, we might see the sun tomorrow and over the weekend. I’m not holding my breath!

    1. It’s cold, crisp and sunny here today…as welcome as the sunshine is, I’m not likely to be out to enjoy it today! I’m noticing a bit of an energy slump all around, JM. Hope you re-charge soon! xoxoM

    1. Our street IS very nice! We have wonderful neighbors, everyone knows one another – enough to piss each other off! – and there’s a sense of community. Like any other neighborhood, things could be better, and that gives us something to strive for together! 😉 xoM

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