Hello! This Is The Divine Calling!

Visiting around the blogs recently, I’m struck by the synchronicities in introspection that I’m seeing.  My friend, Brigitte, wrote about sacred space this week and invited quite a lively, and lovely, conversation on the subject. My friend, Millie, seems to have created such a space of sacredness at her place in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. I feel my friend, Eric, is exploring and revealing sacred spaces over on his blog, too.

The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine, viewed from Morningside Park

We are, each and every one of us, a perfect expression of the Divine.  We all spring from that primordial…spark? vibration? essence? I like to call it Self.  We are, each and every one of us, a perfect expression of Self having a human experience.  That is what I know.  As such, we are, each and every one of us, a sacred space. And we are all One.  The One is what each one expresses.  The One comes first, then the one.

Morningside Park

In our human experience, we forget that we are each an expression of Self.  In that forgetfulness, we think of Self as a glorified version of self. When we forget that we are each an expression of unlimited possibilities, we behave in ways that are limited and unkind to one another.  We suffer through our amnesia of our true nature.  We fear that we will lose all because we’ve forgotten that we already have, and are, All. When we remember that there is no separation, we are once more firmly connected to the sacred space. That remembrance is the key. Remembrance is a practice.

Morningside Park through the winter branches

My journey of remembrance began many years ago when, as a young teenager, I heard someone ask me “Did you know that there are religions not allowed by God?” What? I knew, from a place deep within, from the sacred space that I Am, from that space about which I’d forgotten, that statement had absolutely no basis in Truth. Over the years, I’ve used many tools and techniques in an effort to remember.  At first when I came to meditation, I was so caught up in the mechanics of the practice that I forgot what the practice was about, and for! Still the mind?  Yeah, right! I’ve used mantra repetition, affirmations, studying mystical writings, energetic healing, and many other tools to attain that state of “being” that I craved. All of these practices had to be fit into the structure of my real life.  After all, I’m here on this planet, I’ve got responsibilities and bills to pay.  All that being-ness stuff is very nice, but I have to be practical first.

The Avalon on Morningside Park

I’m a slow learner.  It took me a very long time of using these tools on and off to understand that the Self, the unlimited possibilities, is what makes it possible for me to take care of the practical.  I’d had it backwards all along:  it’s not pay the rent first and meditate when I have a chance, it’s connect to that unlimited and infinite Self and unlock the door to the possibilities of how the rent gets paid.  I’d had the cart before the horse all those years!

The view from Morningside Park

Even though I am a perfect expression of Self, I am, after all, having a human experience, and in my human experience, I have to do it my way!  Have you ever tied a string around your finger to remind you to do something? (And then forgotten what you were supposed to remember?) I decided that I would do something in my everyday life that would not take me away from my practical pursuits in living and would remind me of my true essence.  I started taking photographs with my cell phone.  Each photograph I take is a remembrance of Self.  It’s a mini-meditation.  It’s an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the life, and Life, I’m living. When I take pictures, I am profoundly connected to that eternal and primordial vibe we all share.  When I take pictures, I not only remember we are One, I KNOW we are One.

The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine

And when I don’t take pictures? There’s writing, drawing, dancing, singing, listening to music, cooking, and any number of creative endeavors that remind me of Self. And there’s always meditation, mantra repetition, affirmations, and the many other tools I’ve used for years; only now, I understand what they’re for and I use them more skillfully. This is how I Am my sacred space.  How about you?  What one practice can you incorporate into your life, with ease and joy, to be that remembrance touchstone?

18 thoughts on “Hello! This Is The Divine Calling!

  1. Margarita, this is so true and your pictures and words capture that craving we all have to connect and believe that each of us has a unique “self,” one that is special, beautiful and contributes to the whole. I grapple with this at times. There was a point in my life when I read any and everything that I could get my hands on about this subject — of acceptance, knowing, understanding, love…then “life” took over and I don’t devote as much time as I used to. These snippets of each other we share inspires me to do this — to practice — and to understand that each of us come from different places and backgrounds, but we share that fundamental thing — we are connected and each of our “spaces” are sacred, beautiful and can always be shared.

    LOVED this so much and thank you the mention, my friend.

    1. Thank YOU, Brigitte, for getting this ball rolling for me! So, what one thing can you incorporate into your day, with ease and joy, that can be that remembrance touchstone for you? xoxoM

  2. Let’s see…being grateful. Stating what I’m grateful for. And writing. And creating something. Those are touchstones for me. I love that word touchstone!!

    1. Yes, I like that word, touchstone, too. I usually have an actual stone near to hand because I like the heft and texture as I’m pondering something. The one I currently use is sparkly, rough to the touch, and has wonderful glints of blues, grays, and violets in it! Now remember, gratitude and writing are your remembrance touchstones…and observe how you become your sacred space! xoxoM

  3. Margarita,
    Our memories are some of the most sacred things we hold. To explore them is rekindling with our own sense of the Divine. Thank you for this wonderful post, Margarita.

    1. Dear Eric,
      You’re welcome, my friend. As you walk down memory lane, rekindling your SENSE of the Divine, I hope you observe how that sense transforms into BEING the Divine! Then, no one and no thing can take anything from you for you are in the constant remembrance that you simply ARE! xoxoM

  4. Love both the post and the comments… I use all sorts of little things during the day to keep me anchored to that deep inner space ( and I still forget), including every time I come back into the house I wash my hands straight away, and use that moment while washing my hands to re-connect or re- iterate the connection.Trivial, but it works.
    I keep meaning to buy a chiming clock so that every quarter of an hour I have that gentle reminder!
    I love the way you write abut these verities, from your heart, soul, being and knowing….

    1. Washing hands, Valerie. Yes! It is the small, seemingly trivial things that we do that anchor us in remembrance. While the grand gestures are wonderful in their way, it’s the small, everyday, mundane ones that keep us nourished. What are you doing up so late (or early, depending on one’s viewpoint)? xoxoM

    1. Thank you, Susan. Together, we are an awesome One, I am but a unique expression of It! The Avalon is a new building in that neighborhood. It was cold. I was waiting for the bus. So I took pictures! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Yes. That remembrance that all of life is connected is what will help us do the right thing: for us as individuals, for our wonderful planet. Every little connection we make is important. The Universe knows no magnitude – that’s a human constraint…xoxoM

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