Slide Show Haiku

On one of my recent posts, LouAnn commented “Nice — all I gave her was a stupid haiku.” Her comment got me to thinking about making a haiku slide show.  Hmmmm….Thanks, LouAnn!

So, here’s the deal:  I’ll provide a title and a slide show, and all of you who are so inclined, please leave a haiku in the comments…or, better yet, leave us a link to the haiku in your own blog, that way we can all come visit you and there’ll be no peeking ahead of time.  If we like it, we can do it again!

Downtown Reflections

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18 thoughts on “Slide Show Haiku

      1. Awww, I was just showing off my recent discovery of the Hawai’ian dictionary!

        Yes, I’m thinking of posting other slide show haikus. I’d like to see how it expresses further. Thanks for participating, Rick!

    1. cool. I’ll try to pop over and play occasionally – altho sometimes I over commit. let me know if you plan to do it regularly and I’ll try to mention it on my blog when you post.

      your photos are fun to respond to with haiku. I’m doing a visual prompt once a week for haiku on my blog too. I’m going to try to keep it going for a year. if you want to play join in any time.

      you did well with the Hawaiian dictionary. it’s a fun language, what little I know of it. some words are very easy to pick up. some are very challenging (at least for me) until you catch on to them.

      btw, haiku is plural without an S. it’s like the plural of sheep is sheep.

      fun on. aloha.

      1. Ooops! Thanks for the correction. This is my first slide show haiku and although I know I’ll do it again – it was fun – I haven’t thought about a regular structure for those postings. I’ll check in with you for your visual prompts! xoM

      2. cool. the prompts are under Ku OnThis, the post usually starts with a KOT#. I’m generally posting a response to my own prompt as well (it’s just plain fun) just before I post a new prompt which has been being on Tuesday or Wednesday – then going to see what others have done.

        you can see what others do too whether you play or not by clicking on the Mr Linky button at the bottom of each prompt post and then the person’s name. that takes you to their blog post if every thing is working right – which it usually is.

        yeah no worries on the plural of haiku. lots of haiku or one haiku, its fun either way. I thought maybe you’d like to know if you are going to do more haiku slide shows. fun.

        there are some great info sites on haiku. if that interests you I can give you a link or two. it’s an amazing world to play in and a lot of fun (imo). aloha.

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