A Salty Dog


Our Mickey is the eternal optimist! Every morning he wanders into our bedroom bright and early, working out the kinks in his fifteen-year-old joints, and let’s me know it’s a grand new day and time to go out.  He patiently waits while I get ready and then we’re off.


Although he’s always liked his sweater, he’s a bit of a clothes dog (unlike Thor who was an unmitigated, unrepentant nudist), he doesn’t like that initial putting over his head move.  Once on, however, we’re good!  www.mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.comAs we get closer to the building’s front entrance and he feels the decreasing temperature, he starts to think that maybe, just maybe, going out today isn’t such a great idea…


It snowed last night and our sidewalks were heavily salted in an attempt to prevent a crusty layer of slippery ice from forming.

The layer of snow on the cars was a perfect catchment for the morning light. And looks like someone was inspired to make a snowball – in spite of the cold! We’re going back inside now: breakfast beckons…

26 thoughts on “A Salty Dog

    1. Thanks, Ruby. Mickey’s glad to be inside and thinks he should get a bigger breakfast than he got. And I’m so glad Thor brought a smile to your lips. Although his little body left us some years ago, his mighty spirit visits often and the love is still there!

      Have a lovely day, dear friend! xoxoM

  1. I’m intrigued as to why you chose to put the coat on the one dog to begin with, or did you try both and one not like it?

    I like the snow(ball) scrape 🙂

    1. Mickey has been part of our family unit, my daughter’s and mine, since we rescued him when he was about a year old. Sweet husband and Thor blended into our family later. While Mickey got used to playing dress-up with my daughter, Thor never had that experience, so when I’d try to dress him appropriately to go out in the cold or rain, he always balked, and sometimes bit. He was a very handsome mini-Pinscher and liked to show that off! 😉 xoxoM

  2. Mickey is so precious! My ten year old pup, Baxter has his gray teddy-bear sweater on and one year old Sophie, she ‘s the spunky nudist in our family! We got it too — the snow, but the sun is shining — that’s a good thing. Happy weekend, M!

  3. Growing up, my dog always went au naturel. Of course, sweaters and coats for dogs hadn’t really caught on yet. 😉 Even though he was a short-haired dog, he enjoyed playing in the snow as long as it wasn’t too cold.

    1. I think I mind taking him out without his sweater more than Mickey does. I can see how some days it’s harder for him to move than others so I like to think a sweater helps. Maybe I’m just delusional! xoM

  4. Cute Doggy!
    My dog likes his backpack and any dress you put on him, even wigs, but he doesn’t like sunglasses or socks (I wanted to buy him some boots first tried socks).
    Keep warm and have a nice weekend.

  5. After seeing this, I’m going to have to find a sweater for the new pup. It is so cold here, I thought about putting a jacket on a few times today. 😉

    1. Mickey’s is a toddler’s sweater that we got on sale for my daughter’s “Just-My-Size-Barbie” doll many years ago. I just roll up the sleeves on his front paws, and the rest of him stays toasty warm! Much less expensive, and more durable, than the stuff they have available for pups nowadays. Just sayin’ 😉 xoxoM

    1. Yes, it can. However, Mickey is not out for very long, and we wash his paws thoroughly when he comes back in. He used to have booties, which we’ve long-since misplaced, and he didn’t like walking in them. Since he’s having a little trouble feeling his legs, and feet, we just take him out “naked” and wash him off when we come back in. He likes the extra attention more than the boots! xoxoM

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