I’m Easily Amused. It’s a Gift…

It was raining.  I was tired.  The subway train was crowded.  I’d finished my crossword puzzle.  What to do? Read the subway ads! And this is what I got:

Yes, it’s a real ad.  Yes, it’s a real website.  It’s not what you think it’s for.  I was the only one in the subway car scratching her head and saying (in my head, of course) “What the…?”

29 thoughts on “I’m Easily Amused. It’s a Gift…

  1. That’s the comedy central thing isn’t it?
    I was fooled by a friend 2 weeks ago when he texted me a pic of that add. You know there are crazies willing do try anything.

  2. Thank goodness this was a joke. But just wait, it will give someone an idea and before long there will be a reality show about dogs undergoing plastic surgery. Oh boy or should I say, “Here boy, time for your botox!”

  3. Ahahaha! So somebody did mention above that it’s a parody — coincidentally, I saw it for the first time last night at around 3am because I couldn’t sleep — the sound was down since it was so late but I think this Kroll Show is quite funny. I like the idea of you reading the train ads and photographing them.

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