The thing about winter is that it bares the trees’ branches and makes revelations…perhaps better left unrevealed!

How the heck do those bags get up in the trees?  And, why?


31 thoughts on “Revelations

      1. Yes, brutal and windy. hmm, that’s a good point, about better up in the trees. I like the way you see things, Margarita! 😉
        I’d like to see plastic shopping bags completely eradicated. It’s being done in other parts of the country, and the world.

      2. I agree with you! We have shopping bags (re-usable ones) by the front door so that we can grab one whenever we go out and not add to the plastic bag clutter. When it’s unavoidable, we do recycle. Check out J over at She makes the plastic bags into a “thread” which she then crochets into useful items! xoxoM

  1. We have one in our backyard pecan tree right now I have to get the ladder out to get to! When I’m out walking I try to pick them up and if they are in decent condition I make them into thread for my plastic mats otherwise I get them to the recycle receptacles!

    1. I just came back from your site, saymber, thanks to Margarita. What a fabulous idea. I’m going to try my hand at this, for sure! Great site, too, by-the-way. Thanks again, Margarita, for sharing!!! XXX

  2. Tree branches against the sky are so lovely. I took pictures of some tree branches at dusk during snow flurries the other day. But my phone camera is too cheap quality to capture such a scene clearly. These are lovely, even with the ubiquitous plastic bags.

  3. The hope of cutting down on things like this (as well as keeping them out of landfills) led our county to put a five-cent tax on all bags from stores. We try to be good and bring our own whenever possible. 🙂

    1. I think, JM, that we need to move to being mindful – rather than mindless – consumers, of anything. I can’t help but be brought back to the old dictum “moderation in all things.” Perhaps the pendulum of humanity is hovering at one extreme now and slowly making its arc back to center…and perhaps, we’ll see! xoxoM

  4. Margarita looking at your photographs i always have the feeling
    they is always something spiritual about it, there is silence speaking out
    loudly every where why?

    internally you have it in yourself i dont know but I feel it.

    Do you meditate

    1. Ajay, I am profoundly grateful for your observations. Thank you, my friend.

      I meditate always, all ways. My photographs are a meditation – the photographing itself, the storing, sorting, naming of the photos, the selection of what to post. For me, it is all a form of remembrance of Self – that’s how I define meditation.

      Thank you! xoxoM

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