Waiting In The Checkout Line

I take pictures.

What do you do?


27 thoughts on “Waiting In The Checkout Line

      1. We have that type of community in our neighborhood. We know who belongs in the area and who’s visiting. Because we see one another walking our dogs, taking our garbage out, complain about the noise and like that, we have a sense of knowing one another…but we don’t really! xoxoM

  1. When I’m waiting I usually peruse oversized Vogue magazines, people watch if I’m in a place with lots of people and doodle on whatever paper I have on me lol…rarely pictures but I can see taking the here. The lights look like stars in the sky.

    1. I seldom look through the magazines, other than the covers. I always feel a little odd looking through them. Yes, the building Trader Joe’s occupies in Brooklyn is an old bank building that was gutted, but the architectural detail of the walls, windows, and ceilings was retained. It’s nice to shop in a store that has loads of natural light streaming in! xoxoM

    1. The Brooklyn location is in an old bank building, so it’s especially lovely. The other TJ locations are rather pedestrian. The prices, however, are the same no matter where you shop, all across the country! xoM

  2. Usually, I talk and make people smile and laugh. Sometimes, I look at the person and see what they’re buying. Other times, though rarely, I shout out for another checker. “Can we get another checker here?” (Boston accent = anatha checka) 😀

    1. Thank goodness for those brave enough to shout out for another checker! I’m the one who’s too busy taking pictures to notice what’s going on ahead of me! lol 😉 xoM

    1. Most of the time, it’s just my cell phone, which is not even any kind of smart phone. Sometimes, if I feel like digging it out of my bag, I use my little Vivitar – which is also an inexpensive, ordinary camera. So nice you look at the pictures in line! xoxoM

      1. I don’t know. Maybe they come out well because I’m having such a wonderful time and don’t worry about how they’ll look? Maybe that fun thing is the quality that shines through? Beats me! xoxoM

  3. I’ll glance over the tabloid headlines and celebrity magazine covers and wonder what the big attraction is. Beyond that, I’m usually just daydreaming while I wait to put the groceries on the belt. 😉

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