14 thoughts on “And So It Starts…

  1. Yeah I hear it pinging off of my air-conditioning unit — but the woods across the street look pretty. I wish they were nice big fluffy white flakes instead of wet slushy ones — oh well.

    1. So far, sloshy, windy, the corner drains are already clogged, so we don’t know if we’re stepping off the sidewalk into a couple of inches, or a foot, of water. That’s the part I hate most! xoxoM

  2. How come you have so many bags all over your curbs? Is it garbage day? We wouldn’t even mention that much snow up here – this is just a dusting! I understand you have more coming though. Keep warm & safe!

    1. Yes, it’s garbage day, and priorities were rearranged so it hasn’t been collected. This is just the dusting, the “before” pictures. My effort to chronicle the passage of the snowfall! Thanks! We’ve got molasses cookies and almond milk for hot chocolate…we’re good! xoxoM

  3. How beautiful it looks – and love the round pics – we by contract are gripped by a brown hard drought, leaves falling from summer trees, thirsty birds, nothing to eat in the fields…

    1. Yes, I’ve been hearing about the droughts in your part of the world, Valerie. These events are certainly wake-up calls for us to be more mindful, much more mindful, about how we treat our beautiful planet! xoM

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