In The ‘Hood

As you’ve all heard, we had a little snow here in NYC.  This is what my neighborhood looks like this morning!

Looks like Mickey and I weren’t the only ones going out this morning.  However, I think we were the quickest back in!

The brave little sparrows managed a moment’s perch on the tree branches before the wind blew them off.  No singing this morning.  Only the whistling of the wind!

The sidewalk hadn’t been cleared yet…

…they were working on it…

…it was easier to walk on the street.

So glad it’s Saturday!

14 thoughts on “In The ‘Hood

  1. I always liked the look of the trees in the snow. A bit difficult to take a picture of though unless you catch it at the right time, because the snow always reflects too much light (and I don’t mean that as any kind of criticism of your pics, just a general point). Cannot imagine that cold wind would be nice.

    1. I agree with you about the light, Elliot. These were this morning’s pictures – I wanted to get out before our pristine world got all trampled and yucky. I’ll be posting some sepia toned and B&W photos later, taken at the same time of day, which play with the light differently. The reflection of light is what I most enjoy photographing and the results are always interesting! xoxoM

    1. Thank you, Ajay. Yes, NYC is beautiful in ways that many people don’t see. The snow is magical while pristine. After a day or so, when it’s coated with soot and grit, and embedded with garbage that people for some reason feel it’s okay to dump there (perhaps they think it melts with the snow?), it’s not so lovely. We were very fortunate this go around since it melted quickly as the temperatures warmed up and the rain washed it away! xoxoM

      1. lovely to feel snow

        have relatives in New Jersey someday if my health gives permission, I will come in winter

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