21 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Monochrome

    1. Harlem, especially our neighborhood, has few high rises. Although, with Columbia University expanding up this way, I think that’s about to change. I’m getting as many “before” pictures as I can! xoxoM

    1. Yes, it does, Annie. Just out of curiosity, to see how the light would be captured, I took pictures in color, B&W and sepia when I was out, and I was surprised by how different the light appears! Kind of like life, I think…xoxoM

  1. Margarita, I’m not a professional, and I have no degrees in “fine art”, I only know it. Art. These are absolutely gorgeous. They capture the essence of silence. Stillness. Peace. Your serenity.

    1. Victoria, you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you! I’m not a professional photographer, nor have any degrees either. I just try to share what I see. Your comment tells me, in this moment, I succeeded. What a gift! Thank you! xoxoM

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