Down By St. Nick

Nemo is done.  The snow is mostly melted, the temperatures are mild, the sun is shining, time for a little stroll.  I walked my darling daughter over to the A Train on St. Nicholas Avenue for the start of her Philadelphia adventure (her story) and strolled down the avenue with a sharp look-out for the M-3 bus which would take me to my own destination. Enjoy the stroll!

15 thoughts on “Down By St. Nick

    1. It’s in St. Nicholas Park, just west of St. Nicholas Avenue on W. 141 Street. That’s its most recent location. I think it was moved there, the second move in its history, in late 2011. It is a beautiful house – now I just have to remember to go there when it’s open with sweet husband! xoxoM

    1. I’m so glad the weather’s changed, too! I was out for a long walk yesterday – longer than I realized judging by the creakiness in my joints last night! Go out and enjoy! xoxoM

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