Would Someone Please Lead Me To The Back Of My Hand?

Having lived in NYC as long as I have, I frequently have the “been there, done that” attitude.  Statue of Liberty?  Yup, climbed it.  Empire State Building? Ditto.  Rockefeller Center?  Worked in that area for so many years, know it like the back of my hand.  Imagine my surprise when on a recent walk-through I discovered that maybe the back of my hand isn’t how I remember it!


The walk up from the subway platform was as dingy as ever.  No changes here.  People rushing through the Promenade.  The drug store moved, the souvenir store expanded, the shaving boutique…what? êShave. That’s new!  How long have you been here?  FOUR years?! I have to get down here more often!

Rockefeller Center has always been known for its public art pieces. Rhythms Of Infinity is a glass sculpture in the heart of the underground warrens of Rock Center and softly lights what I remember as a dungeon-like darkness.  Hmmm…

Stepping off the escalator and into the lobby of 30 Rock, I see that the murals have been refurbished.  What? In 2009, you say? The light streaming in above the revolving doors evokes the warmth of the original sepia-like color scheme.

The Plaza seems a little more manicured and rest-my-weary-feet friendly than I remember it.  The flags, however, are as vibrant as ever!

Note from my small still voice: Everything changes, every minute of every day.  Don’t take the back of your hand for granted!

22 thoughts on “Would Someone Please Lead Me To The Back Of My Hand?

  1. Isn’t it funny how a little time away from something can bring about so many changes? Some are “real” like new stores or refurbished mural, but others are perceptive, as we bring life’s new experiences into those once-familiar places.

  2. Love how you posted this in ‘hmmmm’ – love your sense of humour! 🙂

    I enjoyed this post fully. Loved the pictures & the narratives. I’ve never been there or done that. And I can so imagine how time escaped you, that things had changed years ago, but you thought ‘only yesterday’.

    Enjoyed much.

    1. Dear Noeleen,
      Thank you for visiting my patch of the world. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll stop in from time to time so you, too, won’t forget the “back of your hand!” I’m looking forward to frequently visiting your world of perfect expression of Self! xoxoM

  3. I have been so busy lately, I have a lot of catching up to do here. But aside from things changing on blogs, I felt really silly a month ago walking into a shop less than a mile from my house. “This is a cool store. How long have you been open?” The answer: “About 2 years now. ” Woops 😉

  4. this is awesome. made me a bit homesick for new york. both under rockefeller when you’re coming up through the train and when you go to penn station the smell i have in my brain is of that place, ‘hot and krusty,’ which sells the bagels. i believe there’s one both places. and the smell, well, like a lot of new york smells – it sticks with you. xoxo, sm

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