Slurry Wall Project

Columbia University has been busy expanding in Harlem.  The P.R. line is that the neighborhood will benefit.  I’ll wait and see on that.



4 thoughts on “Slurry Wall Project

    1. Columbia University is expanding its campus. Research facilities and, I believe, residential buildings are being planned for this area. Probably more. Although the actual building project is taking place within a relatively small area, the reaches of it are permeating my neighborhood, about 20 blocks further north, and beyond. Change is always difficult, even change that’s “beneficial.” And we all know that projections are usually far different from what actually pans out…so we’ll see! xoxoM

  1. I’m skeptical as well. I know there have been battles between the community and Columbia for years and years; my grandmother lived on 114th between Broadway and Amsterdam in the 60s and 70s and as a kid I remember there being protests at Morningside Park. When I was at Columbia in the 80s, they were starting additional expansions and kept saying “It will rejuvenate the community” but I fear/suspect that “rejuvenation” will mean the displacement of a lot of long-time residents and businesses.

    1. That displacement is my concern as well, dear Madame. I’m already seeing it up my way. A long-time grocery store has been displaced by a newer, sleeker establishment. While it’s nice to have a coffee shop, it reflects prices more in line with more affluent neighborhoods. The greed factor is filtering in, and, so far, I’m not encouraged…xoxoM

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