Look…Before It’s Gone

I wrote a little about the Slurry Wall project in Harlem yesterday.  That was all I managed to get out before WordPress stopped cooperating.  Here’s the rest…

While the merits of a large educational institution’s ambition to expand and change a swathe of Manhattan can be debated pro and con till the cows come home (in Manhattan, that would be a very, very long time!), without debate is the fact that what we are able to see will change.  Gone are the low-rises of the past several decades that have afforded us views of the Riverside Viaduct, to be replaced by buildings that will, in all likelihood, obstruct that view.

I like seeing the viaduct on my travels downtown on the 1 train.  I love the sweeping arches.  I like imagining that this is technology that has been available since Roman times and the steel beams are a more modern expression of that.  I like the connection to the past that it represents to me.

So, while it lasts, I’ll enjoy the view!

9 thoughts on “Look…Before It’s Gone

    1. Yes, I feel that great education excuse is a bit of a red herring, L. Columbia expanding has not necessarily been an advantage to previous residents in expansion zones…we’ll see… xoxoM

  1. i always liked the elevated line – the little piece of it that is still there by 14th street. i believe they’ve now made it into a park of some sort, the high line park. something like that. they were just doing it when i was leaving and i thought it was such an awesome idea. very cool pics. very fun post. xoxo, sm

    1. Thanks, SM. Yes, the High Line, downtown, is quite a wonderful re-use of old rails. The viaduct, which joins Riverside Drive from about 122 street to 137 street, is still very much in use for traffic, and probably will be for some time. I’m just getting my pictures taken from this vantage point, the 125th St station, while I can! xoxoM

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