Now you see it…

My neighborhood, like other Manhattan neighborhoods, boasts many wrought iron railings and fences.  Usually, they’re just there, to keep us from falling into basement pits or off the stairs or bar our access to private homes. While ornamental, I usually only notice their functional purpose.  Until…

…the shadows they cast remind me how pretty they are!


21 thoughts on “Now you see it…

      1. Very well. It’s quite cold now and I’m very happy I wore an extra sweater when I went out! Perhaps this afternoon I will join my daughter and we’ll walk through Central Park together and take some winter photos! And you?

      2. it is 10.30 pm here and I will be ready within an hour or two to I will be sleeping.

        It hot here and I envy the climate over there.

        There are few post for your evaluation

        thank you

  1. That first photograph is wonderful. Well, they all are but I love the first one most. For a second, whilst reading, I thought you were saying they stopped people falling of the bar (not barring people’s access) 😀 Guess they can be good for that as well 🙂

    1. A metaphor for consciousness, JM. I think we’re all becoming more awake to our surroundings. My pictures (and the many, many other gorgeous images in the blogosphere) are a small reminder of that! xoxoM

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