A Winter Swim In Central Park

The afternoon was much colder than the early morning.  I bundled up, connected with my darling daughter, and went walking in Central Park.  The light on this cold winter afternoon was sublime.  The reflections on the Pond water and ice, as well as the shimmer on the ducks’ feathers, exquisite!

Well worth braving the arctic winds to catch these sights!


23 thoughts on “A Winter Swim In Central Park

  1. Gorgeous! But, I do feel that cold, ouch! May have to brave it today tho’, I’m getting cabin fever (again), and need to take the camera for a little walk. 😉 xox

    1. Yeah, take that camera for a walk Victoria. The benefits FAR outweigh the cold. I just wished I’d worn an extra layer on the bottom…and socks might have been nice 😉 xoxoM

      1. I have a rule – no snow, no socks because I hate wearing socks. We can get a lot of snow in Alberta, but I still try to avoid socks. I just definitely don’t wear sandals in the snow 🙂

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