Just For The Fun Of It!

It turns out, my humble cell phone camera has a panorama view.  And editing a picture can be really fun!


My street never looked this interesting!


29 thoughts on “Just For The Fun Of It!

  1. Whooweee, this looks like a street in Paris! What fun! I gotta get me a better camera phone or just a straight out camera — you make me want to take more pictures — I have been taking them with my cheapee and of course half of ’em come out like crud 😦

    1. The other thing I’m finding interesting in taking the wide angle shots, Ajay, is that the panoramic view that the camera sees is not always the same as what my eye sees, so taking the picture is always a grand adventure! 😉 xoM

      1. It’s my cell phone, Ajay. I have an old Samsung Reclaim model, and only just discovered that it has settings. It’s like getting a new toy! lol xoxoM

      2. ok so it can take panaromic shots

        yes i have seen that phone

        the same feature is now with iPhone and many others

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