With A Little Help From My Friends!

I painted this water tank picture a couple of months ago.  It’s watercolors and crayons in my coloring book – a sketch notebook that my friend, Florence, gave me with the instructions to use it. My friend, Victoria, told me that photo editing is fun and I should try it.  My friend, Maggie, thinks water tanks are awesome, as do I.  Besides, that’s just about all my fledgling drawing skills can handle!


With a little help from my friends,  I’m having a blast!

12 thoughts on “With A Little Help From My Friends!

  1. I’ve never tried photo editing, but I do know that Photoshop makes me break out in hives. I love your water tank sketch—those funny little structures are old-fashioned marvels in our modern world, aren’t they!

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a soft spot for the water tanks, too, dear Madame. When Mickey and I walk every morning, my eyes travel to the water tanks first! I think Photoshop would probably make me break out in hives, too. But the Picmonkey.com seems very friendly, non-intimidating, and it’s free! xoxoM

    1. Thanks, Valerie! I like to sit outside when I draw in my coloring book, and it’s been too cold. Warmer weather on its way, I’m seeing a lot more sitting on park benches in my future! 😉 xoxoM

    1. I think my skills might stretch that far! My sweet friend, Florence, is a wonderful artist. When I told her my skills did not extend beyond stick figures, she said she’d teach me. Thanks to her coaching and encouragement, I graduated from the stick figure stage! xoxoM

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