A Touch of Romance

As we stumbled through Central Park, my darling daughter and I, snapping pictures right, left, and center – not to mention up and down! – we came across what appeared to be a bridal photo shoot down by the Bethesda Fountain Terrace.  www.mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.comSince we’d already been tramping around for a while, I wasn’t too keen on going down the stairs, which I’d then have to climb back up, to take a closer look.  My guess is that it was probably for an Asian bridal magazine, since there are a LOT of those happening ALL the time.  I took a shot with my cell phone, even though I knew the images would be too small and hazy.  Then I whipped out my Vivitar www.mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com(okay all you real photographers, no laughing!), set it on monochrome, zoomed in and voilà! Picture!

When I loaded the photos on my computer they were, as expected, a bit of a disappointment.  What a perfect opportunity to fiddle around with photo editing!


A little light here, a little texture there, some more contrast, less shadow – yeah, I’ve no idea what I did, I just pushed some buttons.  And this is what came of it.


While editing words has never been a big decision for me since I know I blurt them out and refinement is necessary, that hasn’t been my view when taking pictures. Possibly because I feel that I’m capturing images of (mostly) Nature’s glory and I don’t feel qualified to muck about with that.  I like the au naturel approach best…and the mucking about can be fun!


6 thoughts on “A Touch of Romance

    1. Thanks, Maggie. I appreciate the pleasure my pictures bring those who look at them – including myself. I also appreciate the many wonderful photographers whose skills far surpass mine! xoxoM

    1. Thanks, L! After a picture-taking session, I always come home eager to see how what I saw with my eyes compares with what the camera sees. It’s always a surprise! While my preferred technique is still “point and shoot,” it’s very interesting to see how the vision can continue to be altered. 😉 xoxoM

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