He says…

…”You know you can’t take pictures of a moving train!”


She says:  “I’m not.”

He says:  “You’ll get in trouble!”

She says:  “Okay.”


Becoming more agitated as She continues to go her merry way, He says:  “You better be careful!”

She says: “I’m taking pictures of the grate in the ceiling!”

Relieved, He says: “Oh. Good…”

“Besides,” She says, “I’ve already got pictures of moving trains!”


14 thoughts on “He says…

  1. Why can’t you take pictures of a moving train? Is it a law? I looked at those buildings on the sides of the tracks & thought to myself “How do those people stand to live in a place where they can’t go outside for a breath of fresh air?” Are balconies rare in New York?

    1. He meant not to use flash and blind the conductor. I don’t have flash! It’s not that balconies are rare, it’s just that there are many more buildings without them. The great good fortune of living in NYC is that we have many, many parks and community gardens to enjoy the fresh air. While I’ve pined for a balcony to sit out and sip my coffee, over the years I’ve come to appreciate the stroll down the street to watch the Hudson River traffic! xoxoM

  2. I’ve taken many photos of moving trains. Some of them ended up being really cool. The best ones I’ve taken have been on the elevated lines because the light is better, but a great shot of an underground train is a beautiful thing. Nicely done!

    1. I’ve taken lots of moving train pictures, too, dear Madame. Some more successfully than others. My sweet husband was having visions of a flash going off in the face of a conductor of an oncoming train and the ensuing madness. I have no flash on my cell phone, and I like rattling his chain! Yes, the elevated pictures are much clearer. Someday, I’ll learn about light filtering/adjustments on a real camera and take some serious pictures. xoxoM

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