The Morning Commute

The light this winter has been very interesting.  Or, perhaps, I’m noticing winter light for the first time.  The gothic theme seems to be pervasive.

My early morning walk along Riverside Drive reminded me how nice it is to live so close to the Hudson River,

how pleasant it is not to have a car, how beautiful the George Washington Bridge is,

and how great that I have a pair of comfortable walking shoes!

10 thoughts on “The Morning Commute

    1. Our public transportation could stand some improvement as well, Susan. In Manhattan, however, it’s the best option! Have a great weekend! xoxoM

  1. Nice Margarita! I’ve learned one thing that is the most important thing when visiting and/or living in Manhattan — comfortable shoes. That’s it. You’ve got to have them or a great mood can change quickly. Let’s face it when your feet hurt, everything hurts. Beautiful pics my friend and thanks for giving us this lovely perspective.

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