Through The Brambles

Winter is fast coming to a close, I hope, and it dawned on me that soon, scenes such as these where we’re able to catch a glimpse of what’s through the trees, will be shrouded by the tender buds of spring and then the lush leaves of summer.Β  For now, it looks a little like what Sleeping Beauty might have seen when she awoke from her hundred years’ slumber…

…thankfully, a winter’s nap is much shorter!


14 thoughts on “Through The Brambles

    1. And, yet, no snow! Thank goodness because it gets so gray and sodden quickly. And people seem to forget that waste initially covered by snow doesn’t melt like snow! πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

  1. I love trees without their leaves… and I love the way you can see architecture when the trees are bare… when I go back to England I go in autumn when the leaves are falling.. you see so much more…..

  2. Just beautiful pictures Margarita and I’m impressed they are with your phone camera! I have taken some pretty good phone pics but only if the lighting is good. The trees are budding here, the birds singing their “hey baby lets make some eggs” songs and flowers are starting to bloom. As I look at this wonder of Momma Natures resilience each day I am filled with hope.

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