I Finally Caught Them!


Riverbank State Park, just a hop, skip, and jump from my doorstep, is a great place to commune with nature.  It runs along the banks of the Hudson River and is blissfully quiet in spite of having the West Side Highway along its other border.  As a New Yorker, however, I’ve become quite expert at excluding most noise from my circle of consciousness, so it’s been quite a challenge for me to connect sounds with desired actions.


The other morning, I finally experienced a small measure of success.  As I was walking along the river, noticing how much lower the water level was in comparison to when Sandy blew through town, I heard a distant honk.  I was quicker to recognize the sound as Canada geese in flight, so I raised my cell phone and snapped, and then had the presence of mind to snap again.


Voilà! I finally caught the squadron of Canada geese in flight. Poetry in motion!

22 thoughts on “I Finally Caught Them!

  1. Lovely pics, M. We have those geese here. I don’t know if they are from Canada, but there everywhere! On the parkway and last week, there was a gaggle of them (is gaggle the right word) on our front yard. They are bold creatures. We saw them in South Carolina when we lived near the coast too. They don’t move out of the way of cars. They don’t wait for you. YOU wait for them. 😉

    1. I’ve noticed that about them, too, Brigitte. They peacefully go about their business, noticing their surroundings and with feathers unruffled. I’ve got a lot to learn from them! lol xoxoM

    1. I certainly wouldn’t want to get on their radar screen then, JM. I don’t think they lay their eggs around here, but I’ll keep that in mind as spring approaches! xoxoM

  2. If they’ve made it all the way to New York, they should be flying over Alberta in just another week or so, yeah! Love watching them come & go. Last year we had a much better view over the park, hopefully we’ll be able to see them this year too!

  3. I love the fact that the two behind the leader keep going honk honk to encourage him, and when he’s tired, he drops back, and someone else takes over… and when one drops out, two more stay with him until he’s ready to take flight again… more examples for us humans to learn from!

  4. Good call on the second snap! I’m always too late to get a photo when they do fly overs, here. But I enjoy watching their flight, and listening to the honking!

    1. Dear Ajay, thank you so much for your lovely gesture. I very much appreciate it!

      I’m not very good at playing along and passing these beautiful accolades on, so I will consider myself deeply honored with your thoughtful intention, and ask you select someone who is more diligent in this area!

      Thank you, my friend. My profound gratitude for your appreciation! xoxoM

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