A Scroll Through The Snow

An Urban Scroll Yeti

It’s snowing…again, and the iron railings in our neighborhood are showing off…

…Enjoy the scrolls!


11 thoughts on “A Scroll Through The Snow

  1. How beautiful, Margarita! We’ve got about four inches here and it’s still coming down but it is supposed to be 50 and sunny tomorrow!! That first pic looks like a face — can you spot it? Have a glorious weekend!!

    1. Yes! You spotted it, Brigitte! I thought it looked a bit like a gargoyle, only in iron scrolls instead of stone. It seems to be tapering off here. My grandmother always said that in March, snow one day, rain tomorrow. Totally unpredictable! xoxoM

  2. Enough with winter! The snow looks pretty on those iron fences, but I’m ready for 60 this weekend and sunny. Only a few bulbs are flowering right now, and there are usually many more.

    1. Up to now, our neighborhood is one of older buildings with lots of iron work and, yes, those old fashioned fire escapes. Columbia University is expanding its campus, and some of its expansion is taking place just down the street…I see a skyscraper in our future. Have mixed feelings about the encroachment…xoxoM

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