How Does It Get Better Than This?

It was a dismal, rainy day.  The kind that makes my infinitely wise and forbearing Jack Russell terrier, Mickey, back away from the door, looking at me as if to say “You can’t be serious!” The hems of my trousers were soaked and slapping around my ankles before I got to the corner of my block. It was that kind of day. However, I’d made plans and I wasn’t prepared to change them!

First, coffee with my goddaughter at La Toulousaine, a delightful little bakery over on Amsterdam Avenue between W 106 and 107 Streets.  The smells of baking buttery pastry were tempting and intoxicating!  I just barely managed to hold on to my willpower to pace myself, since I had another, even more decadent, appointment.

What did I save myself for, you ask?  Jacques Torres’s chocolate shop down in SoHo!

Jacques Torres Soho 002

As always, I was greeted by a profusion of color and lights.  It’s especially colorful now since all manner of Easter treats are on display.  That’s kids’ stuff.  The grown-up treats are behind the counter.

Spending time with my dear friend, Florence, sipping some Wicked hot chocolate, chatting a rainy afternoon away…how does it get better than this?


36 thoughts on “How Does It Get Better Than This?

  1. Woman you’ve made me salivate all over my keyboard..sheesh! 🙂 you have a Jack?!! This weekend Spot and I (rat terrier) were walking and a lady was out with her Jack puppy…omg what a spectacle Spot and this puppy became. They were actually “talking” back and forth across the road in high pitched yelps and howls. The puppy was probably thinking…”omg somebody finally understands what the hell I’m saying!”

      1. Jesus Christ!
        Margarita, I was laughing so hard in here, I promise, cuz I read “Payback for your gorgeous VATICAN pictures?”
        I thought that you were so engaged with the new Pope’s election that got mixed up. Dyslexia can be funny at times, but then when you read it right it’s just sad.

      2. DO you have gorgeous VATICAN pictures? Are you holding you out on us, Leo? Am I the only one who’s wondering how the new pope had a perfectly tailored white dress minutes after being elected? lol xoxoM

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