Riding Downtown On The M4

The M4 bus route in Manhattan goes from Madison Square Garden in midtown  to The Cloisters in Inwood.  Or the other way around, depends on where you start.  For some demented reason, I decided to take the bus instead of the subway.  Reading in stop-and-go traffic is not a good option for me, so I gazed out the window.

By the time I remembered I could be taking pictures, I was on W110 Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Then, at around E 96th Street on Fifth Avenue, I thought to experiment with the panoramic feature of the camera and see if I could take a nice long view of the avenue from a moving bus, that could be interesting…


It turns out that the panoramic feature depends on the motion of the hand to be successful, not the motion of the bus.  By the time I figured this out, I was down by E55th Street, so I switched to taking series shots, setting the camera to take 5 or 10 shots in rapid succession.  That yielded some interesting results…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh, here I am, 34th Street.  Gotta get off.


Where did the time go?

12 thoughts on “Riding Downtown On The M4

  1. On our last trip to NYC (business trip for my husband), there was a group outing from Brooklyn to mid Manhattan. We took the bus, but I suggested walking, which they didn’t go for. I think it was about two miles. I think thoughts make it so. As soon as we got across the bridge, the bus broke down and everyone had to get off and walk. Walking in NYC goes by so fast, because there is so much to see.

    1. Walking is my favorite way to get around. In Manhattan especially, we’re very lucky to have so many options for getting from here to there. Glad you enjoyed your trip to NYC. Don’t be a stranger! xoxoM

  2. A teacher of mine said if you take the bus, make a day of it and regard it as a sight seeing adventure since it’s so darned slow — haha!

    1. It IS painfully slow, Sandee! Fortunately, I wasn’t on a deadline so I could deal with the morning stop-and-go on Fifth Avenue, and once I started trying to take the panoramic and series pictures I was sufficiently engaged to make the time go by faster.Your teacher was right! lol xoxoM

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