I’m Feeling Better Already!

Until this week, I didn’t realize just how much I’d avoided going out after dark all winter.  Although I’ve always been a morning/daylight person, this winter seems to have been especially difficult for me…I’m only just noticing how difficult it was.

On my way to a community meeting recently, one I would have ditched just a month ago as being “too late” even though it started at 6:30 p.m., I reveled in the beauty of the twilight. Yup, I’m feeling better already!


15 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Better Already!

  1. It is amazing how the clock change changes things. Just driving home this week the light was a lot different and it felt different. It felt a bit like summer / Autumn which of course in California, at least in the south, means more warmer weather already.

    1. It’s not the warmer weather so much since we’ve had a relatively mild winter. It’s definitely about the light. I just couldn’t drag myself out of the house once I got home in the dark! Enjoy the coming Spring! xoxoM

  2. It has been a very long and tough season (winter) for me as well, M. I am physically craving the light as a sweet respite to get out (and out of my head/thoughts) as well. Nothing does that more than a sweet Spring day. Here’s to the light!

  3. Reading about your winter in our everlasting summer and worst drought on record, it’s sounded like a really tough winter your end of the world… Lovely for you that the light evenings are on their way!XX

    1. Thank you, Valerie. After being pounded by Sandy in October, the winter was relatively mild and uneventful in our city. Nonetheless, I felt the light deprivation more keenly than other years…so glad it’s over! xoxoM

    1. There were police officers perched in that box, L. I’m not sure what they were doing there, since I haven’t heard about any disturbances in the neighborhood. I was late for my meeting so I didn’t stop to ask and then, later, I forgot…xoxoM

  4. We’re back in another stretch of cloudy days with rain chances, so I’m still not over the winter SAD. I looked at a post I did this time last year, and the early flowering trees and bulbs were in full bloom. This year, we’re just starting. We’re probably two weeks behind because of the cold and dark winter. Come on, sun!

    1. I can’t even remember a year ago, JM. I’m noticing, however, that the buds are beginning to swell on the trees. When the forsythias bloom, I’ll know Spring is here! xoxoM

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