On The Last Day Of Winter


Wet, sloppy, and grey,


I trudged through the slush and went on my way.


The skies were all leaden, the chill bit the air,


It seemed as if Springtime would never get there.


But it springs eternal, that Springtime, it does,


And bulbs pushed their green shoots on up through the snow.


The sweet, tender buds on the trees joined that effort


Assuring us all of Mother’s good nature.


Spring is on her way, she’ll be there tomorrow,


Just hold on to that, and see what will follow.

On the last day of Winter, I caught a nasty cold!


20 thoughts on “On The Last Day Of Winter

  1. I’m sorry you have a cold M. I hadn’t realized that today was the last day of winter. I dressed for spring and noticed it was snowing on the way to work. Sigh.

    Feel better. xoxoxo

  2. I hope it’s not the cold my husband picked up two weeks ago! That one refuses to let go. 😦 Winter just isn’t willing to go quietly into the good night this year.

  3. I’ve been feeling a bit of something coming on myself and then today it began spitting snow but I just saw the sun trying very hard to push its way through — like those little buds. Feel better, M!

    1. The sun HAS been trying very hard, Brigitte. I’m looking forward to seeing those forsythia blooming soon – that’s when I know spring has truly arrived! 😉 xoxoM

  4. Oh no! I promise I did not spread my germs to you!
    We had a blizzard for the first day of Spring – we got 25 cms of snow. It was blowing & cold, huge accident on the hwy. to Calgary, lots of highways closed!

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