Looking For The Baby Bumps

Spring is my favorite season.  To me, it signals new beginnings, fresh starts, birth.  We’re still getting mixed signals from Mother Nature as to what is, and isn’t, going on.  A long, long time ago, I had the epiphany that when words and actions don’t match, believe the actions…

It’s been pretty cold over the last week, and I hear we’re expecting snow, sleet, and rain tomorrow.  Yes, not a “choose one” but an “all the above.”  Confusing.

The plant world, however, seems to be pretty steady in its course.  Perhaps slowed down a little, but on track to blooming nonetheless.  Here are the baby bumps I’ve noticed:



17 thoughts on “Looking For The Baby Bumps

  1. ummmmmmm… okay…. just so you know, that title is going to end up getting you a lot of hits… from really sick freaks using really evil search engine terms… but hits are hits, so good work!

    1. Well, it IS March, and, as my grandmother always said, it’s completely unpredictable. I’m happy we don’t celebrate Easter till May (we follow the Russian Orthodox traditions in this). It might actually be nice by then! xoxoM

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