Cabin Fever

Having spent the better part of the past week at home, mostly in bed, helping a cold make its exit from my unwelcoming body, it seems the only fever still remaining is of the cabin variety. I’ve been entertaining myself with photo editing.  I still have mixed feelings about editing pictures…and it was fun!

Sweet husband caught the bug from me…sorry, sweetie!


9 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. Hope you’re feeling better, M. I am an awful sick person. I get so impatient when I don’t feel well. At least you found something fun to do — the pics are very nice!

    1. Thanks, Brigitte. I AM feeling much better and catching up with stuff! I’m usually a “leave me alone,” kind of sick person – much to the frustration of my sweet husband who just wants to make me better fast! xoxoM

  2. You’ve used your “down time” far more effectively than I might have! Glad to hear you’re feeling better. This has been a rough winter for weather and folks getting sick. Let’s hope the spring will be better!

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