It’s About Love!

When my darling daughter was in kindergarten or first grade, the then-chancellor of public schools in New York City introduced what was called the Rainbow Curriculum in an effort to educate our children to be tolerant of the diversity they were, and are, exposed to on a daily basis.  She went to a public school in midtown Manhattan, in the middle of the theater district, and her classmates and their families represented a broad spectrum of races, nationalities, and beliefs.  Potlucks at her school were the best because they became international smorgasbords of food and musical traditions!  The majority of the parents in the school were supportive of the initiative; it was a small school, we all knew one another, and were in favor of all measures that promote understanding and tolerance.

I arrived one afternoon to pick my daughter up and stepped into a classroom filled with dancing, laughing children.  They had just been discussing gay and finding out that it meant that it was okay for two people of the same gender to love one another.  They were so filled with the joy of brotherly and sisterly love that the classroom was a veritable maelstrom of hilarity.  My darling daughter came up to me and happily informed me that they were all gay in Mary’s room because they all loved one another.  “And guess what, Mom,” she continued all excited, “Joey’s mom is gay, too!”  Well, Joey’s mom’s name was Gay; and in that room, in that time, we were all very, very gay!


14 thoughts on “It’s About Love!

  1. Great post! Lately on my walks/meditations I have been focusing on the word Love – imagining it permeating every living thing on this planet…falling over the earth like a beautiful shimmering light. When you say the word or hum it like the divine Ohm…it feels so “full.” Glad to see this healing, divisionary wall shatterer of a word has reached you.

  2. Reblogged this on saymberblondi and commented:
    I have been trying really hard to focus on this word and how it feels in my mediations and morning walks. I like to visualize it flowing down over all of the planet like a shimmering, aurora borealis colored cloak. I have been trying to turn to this word when my mind races or I start to crab about petty things or feel down. This word/feeling along with Gratitude are key elements to manifesting inner and global peace.

  3. Even in my somewhat progressive/liberal middle school back in the day, no one ever discussed homosexuality, let alone “equal rights” for those of such a persuasion. I’m glad to see some progress on that front. Love and respect are in such short supply in our world. Why can’t we just accept them in all their forms?

    1. I agree, JM. The fact that this dialogue is taking place, louder and more persistent all the time, is heartening to me. Our perceptions are shifting, all too slowly, but still shifting! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Yes, my darling daughter’s experience in the NYC public schools as a teen was not as happy. I’ve reminded her repeatedly that the system failed her, not the other way around. She graduated from City As School, considered a high school of last resort. I think it should be a front-row alternative since their approach of internships and applying knowledge to the “real” world helped make education relevant. As she’s gone on to college and had the opportunity to experience education that was not mandatory, she’s inspired to contribute her own take on education!

      I’m sure your darling daughters have overcome the shortcomings of teen education in NYC public schools! xoxoM

  4. This is an enchanting story Margarita… I felt gay as I read it, and so beautiful to know that those moments of love must have shaped the thoughts of those children in ways we can’t imagine….XXXX

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