16 thoughts on “It’s In The Details

      1. If New Yorkers are anything like Torontonians then you probably walk really fast. Last time I was in Toronto, people were shoving past me all the time because I saunter when I’m sight seeing.

      2. Yes, we’re like that. Gawking from the middle of the sidewalk, or spread out across the sidewalk, is not a good thing. I gawk – A LOT – as you might imagine. I try to do it quickly and make sure there’s free passage all around me! 😉 xoxoM

  1. Mornin Margarita! I see you’ve been busy here lately and I really like this post. The details/little things about a place like this are what makes the whole place interesting I think! It’s neat to see pictures from someone who thinks like that too. Great job! Hugs!

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