Go Figure!


In the bright Brooklyn sunshine, one tree blooms riotously…


…while its neighbor one tree-bed over still clings tenaciously to last Fall’s withered leaves.


12 thoughts on “Go Figure!

  1. I’ve been watching the trees here and how some (all the trees in our yard) were reluctant to put on clothes just yet and took their time. Kind of like people aren’t they? Our Yolie (white oak in front yard) has decided to get decent and put her light green dress on finally! 😛

  2. I feel for that poor tree being judged! it may be like a different brand to the others … I have three different sorts of liquid amber, and they all behave differently,. including one that doesn’t shed its leaves until nearly spring…

    1. You’re right, Valerie, it does seem as if the little tree is being judged. I meant to convey my bafflement at the workings of Nature. It’s interesting how that intention has been received and interpreted. I’m always fascinated by ALL perfect expressions of Self! xoxoM

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