Amazing Mom!

I ride the buses and subways of New York City all the time.  Next to walking, it’s the best way to get around town.  As a frequent rider, I’ve seen, and been, my share of harried parents shepherding their children on public transit.  I’ve held my tongue through many a verbal abuse by a parent toward a child for fear of making things worse for the child.  I’ve held my tongue through many a child’s wailing knowing from experience that whatever I may have to offer would not be helpful at that moment.

On a recent bus ride uptown, at the corner of W 137th Street and Riverside Drive, a young woman got on the bus with her five young children:  the two older ones had little backpacks and seemed to be kindergarten/first grade age.  She had one little one in a pack on her chest, and two in diapers (not twins) in a stroller.  They got on the bus, sat where Mom directed them to sit.  There was no stress, no strain, no disagreeableness: it was a normal afternoon out.  Everyone was well-behaved and moderately quiet.  They got off at W 145th Street, apparently to catch a transfer to the Bronx.  Everyone got off the bus quickly and orderly.

“I don’t know how she does it!” I commented to the bus driver as I left behind her. He smiled and nodded.


16 thoughts on “Amazing Mom!

  1. We’ll see parents teaching their young children about the DC Metro sometimes. They’ll talk about which stops are coming up, which is theirs, or which train they need to transfer to…. Not something I grew up with!

  2. Good post.
    Love mother the most Beautiful person on this Earth.
    Best Critic, yet our strongest supporter.

    Another wondrous evidence of God’s tender guiding hand.

  3. I love when this happens. This contrasts a hideous ‘viral’ video going around with another type of ‘mother’ riding the bus with her kid. The ‘mother’ thrusts her baby to a passenger across the way (though captions for this video say she ‘throws’ the baby) so that she can fist fight another woman. Before the fight she screams, Somebody hold my _______ effin baby so I could beat your ___. It was depressing.

    Your story and accompanying photo is reassuring — thank you Margarita for posting it. I needed to see this on the heels of that other one.

    1. Although I haven’t seen that video, Sandee, I have, sadly, witnessed such a thing all too often. That’s why this mom inspired me to tell the little bit of her story that I was priviledged to witness. We frequently see people behaving badly go viral…we seldom see good behavior doing the same! xoxoM

  4. I always admire mothers who care for their children well & understand the necessity of bringing them up properly with the right amount of discipline as opposed to being their friends.

    1. Now I’m wondering what happened behind the scenes! lol This lady was a lovely mom: loving, kind, firm. A joy to be in the presence of this little family. I’m sure you all were, too. With a mom like that, how could you not? xoxoM

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