The Forsythia Are Blooming!

The forsythia blooming has been my personal, “official” signal of Spring’s arrival for a long time.  Decades ago, I lived in a house surrounded by forsythia bushes that I dutifully clipped into globe-like shapes.  I say “globe-like” because I was not very skilled in the endeavor; nonetheless, I managed to convey my intention.  It seems to me that for about eleven-and-a-half months a year, forsythia bushes are relatively uninteresting: generic green in the summer, giving way to dropping leaves in the fall and stark branches in winter.  For a couple of weeks in spring, however, they display their bright yellow finery, as if channeling the promise of the sun’s caresses while we’re still despairing in winter’s gloom.

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This was my ride through the 86th Street Transverse in Central Park yesterday.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

14 thoughts on “The Forsythia Are Blooming!

  1. Spring! You’re actually getting signs of Spring. Yippee. So glad to finally hear and see it. Of course it does mean that we are now cold but our flowers seem to have forgotten that so there’s still lots of colour

  2. That’s one thing I really miss, seeing clear signs of spring around the city, in here all year round is the same, orange blossom twice a year. But Seville is not a green city at all.
    I’m going this weekend to Portugal, the country side, I’ll see signs of spring in there for sure. I’m gonna plant corn this weekend, I’ll be a farmer. Gotta plant my own corn, I miss corn!
    Have a great weekend Margarita.

  3. Here in Maritime Pacific Northwest, my puny Forsythia is not blooming yet. Or maybe, she bloomed while I was away for one week. She is a little one, after all. 😀

  4. When we were coming back from Pennsylvania yesterday (and we took a different route than the bus) there were several miles of forsythia planted densely with white flowering small trees. It was magnificent!! Deborah and I gave a holler when we saw it and almost woke up the three sleeping in the back (including you-know-who).

    1. I saw some awesome forsythia as well. We had a magnificent bus driver who by-passed the mess on the Turnpike by going the scenic route and treating to a blaze of blooming forsythia along the way! It was a wonderful day – I’ve got TONS of pictures to sort through and stories to share. I’m always moved by the beauty and grace of your dance! xoxoM

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