South Africa is at War!

Dear Fellow Animals Lovers, let’s help little Pixels in South Africa help needy kitties. Every vote helps! xoxoM

Long Life Cats and Dogs

Oh alright, not thewhole of South Africa but the Cats of South Africa are at war!   Fine, obviously not allthe cats are at war.  That would be absurd and frighteningly noisy

OK, two kittens, in South Africa, are at war!

This is our final plea!  A desperate last stand!  The lives of kittens in Animal Shelters depends on this!

Pixels is still in the competition for Cutest Kitten.  She’s cracked 1st place a couple of times but the other kitten then rallies up over 100 votes in a matter of minutes.

Pixels will donate her prize to the Animal Shelters most in need of kitten food.

Ask not what the kittens can do for you but what YOU can do for the kittens!

The competition ends on the 19th.  We need YOUR votes.

I know most of you have already voted…

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