365 Posts…

…in 365 days. I’ve impressed myself.

When I started this blog a year ago, it was something I did for myself.  It wasn’t even public at first.  I wasn’t sure what I had to say, or how I would say it; I only knew this was an avenue for Self expression I was being directed to explore. Its url is mysmallstillvoice because the one thing that was clear to me from the start was my need to remember how to listen to It.


In reviewing the year in posts, a smile plays on my lips.  I thought I’d write a sort of journal of stuff I saw and experienced on a daily basis, my effort and practice of remembering Self – Source, the Divine, the Animating Principle, God, call it what you will – expressing through me and through all Life, and life, around me. The smile is because I have accomplished that intention, just not quite in the way I envisioned it.


Photographs took a much more prominent place in my remembrance practice.  That camera feature in my cell phone allowed me to capture moments in time, in life, in place, to encapsulate my thoughts and feelings within those images, and then to share them: sometimes with words to illumine my intention, mostly allowing the images to speak for themselves. If a single image is worth a thousand words, some of my posts are a veritable hemorrhage of words!


In common with many of my fellow bloggers is my surprise that people actually stop by, read, like, comment.  My fear was that I’d be, essentially, talking to myself.  It was a fear from which I had to release myself before I was able to make the blog public.  While I’m very grateful to all my readers, I’m especially grateful to  Brigitte,  who helped me find the courage to go forth into the blogging world, and to Maggie,  who was my first commenter and follower and gave me the confidence to continue. My most heartfelt thanks to you both!


I’ve been graced with numerous tokens of affection and recognition from my blogging community in the form of various awards, and I’m grateful for every one of them, those I’ve remembered to acknowledge and those that have slipped into the abyss of my forgetfulness and my inability to deal with the mechanics of placing widgets on my blog.  Please accept my apologies for my incompetence, and my thanks for your generosity!  I have managed to figure out how to display a community widget and I hope you’ll be enticed to visit one another.


I’m curious to see how this blog will continue to evolve and express in the year to come.  I hope you’ll join me in finding out!

29 thoughts on “365 Posts…

  1. Margarita, thank you so much my friend. It is you who inspires me everyday — with your words, your pics and your voice. I always feel good after reading your words and viewing your unique view of the world. I’m so glad you’re here and that you share — you make a difference and I can’t wait to see what the next 365 posts from you will be. Much love.

  2. I know I have been quiet lately but I am here and always checking in on you and your NYC. As I have said so many times, your blog makes me happy everyday. I didn’t know I was your first follower!!! Wow, do I have good taste!

    365 in 365 is amazing! Thank you for doing that for all of us, we are the lucky ones.
    xoxo maggie

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary! No wonder you had no problem filling the year with a post a day – you take such interesting pics, it’s a joy to share them with you.

  4. Well, we’re new to your blog but already enjoy it & can tell we’ll be back! Congrats on your journey’s landmark. We’re rather new ourselves so we can relate. Looking back is always a good thing. Comparing what you have down, to what you envisioned. By the way, love the pics, especially the first one with the strange angle. You mentioned pics we’re a big part of your blog. We happen to luv them. Widgets we’re and are a huge problem for us still. We struggle with them every time we try & add something. We’ve been trying for the past month to put two badges on our sidebar & have still yet to figure it out!!

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