I Can Haz…

I’m not your typical consumer.  My idea of retail therapy is window shopping: the pleasure of  finding new things without the burden of ownership and maintenance!  So I was surprised when I recently stepped into a Williams-Sonoma store and found myself coveting a Zoku.


Sweet husband and I enjoy popsicles in the summer.  He enjoys them a lot more than I do and does not limit himself to summer!  I enjoy puttering about in the kitchen.  The food likes in our family are very different and finding something that we all enjoy and satisfies my culinary creativity is a bit of a challenge. I don’t enjoy cooking enough to spend the day in the kitchen creating dishes to satisfy each family member’s palate! Summer with its delectable fruit bounty is just around the corner.  Sounds like a match made in culinary heaven!

8 thoughts on “I Can Haz…

  1. Hubby likes Freezies all year round. They are like popsicles in a plastic tube. Myself I would prefer a fruity popsicle or fudgsicle. I like banana strawberry or raspberry.

  2. I seem to recall having something like this when I was a kid—my mom would make popsicles using juice and stuff. I guess all the good ideas get recycled! I wouldn’t mind having a Zoku myself.

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