5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Helen-san!

  1. Dear Margarita,

    A belated Happy Birthday to you!

    You are one of my two Birthday Buddies . . . people born on August 25th! I hope all of your wishes came true yesterday (probably at least one tall wish came true)! The weather was perfect, and so I hope you did something fun, ate something delicious, saw something beautiful, and laughed out loud.


    Your Birthday Buddy

    =[8- ) Helen

    (My friend used to say she couldn’t tell the difference among “Helen,” “heron,” or “herring.” As long as she didn’t call me “Ms. Herring” — I was ok with that!)

    1. Dear Helen,
      I did have a lovely day: we ate good things, and had a LOT of laughs! And my hope is that your day was also all you wished for.

      That’s so funny about “Helen,” “heron,” or “herring.” Although, I must confess, I can’t tell the difference between which one my Japanese friend would say – they all sound alike to me! xoxoM

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