Just When I Think I Know My City Well…

…I come upon yet another treasure that I’ve somehow missed in my travels.Ā  On my way to a ladies only tea recently, I stumbled upon this imaginative and gorgeous interpretation of the iron railings and window guards that are so prevalent in front of New York City brownstones.


The light was soft,

the cell phone was in my hand,

I snapped away.


And tea with the ladies was great fun, too!

21 thoughts on “Just When I Think I Know My City Well…

    1. Thanks, Maggie! The ladies only tea is fun. We try for a monthly get-together, set a theme for conversation that we follow (or don’t). The ladies who are fortunate enough to have the space in NYC generously share for the occasion. Those who are inclined, bring yummy snacks; some come early to help with set-up, others stay later to help clean up. And a good time is had by all! Try it, Maggie, you’ll like it! xoxoM

    1. There are pretty and amazing things in your country, too, little one. For starters, just look in the mirror! Another place to look is in nature: the light in the sky as the sun sets is a big favorite of mine. Start looking, I’m sure you’ll see things you didn’t notice before! xoxoM

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