Romeo, Romeo…

…wherefore art thou, Romeo?

R:   What? You think Juliet is such a hot name?

J:     Juliet is a perfectly lovely name.  What sane mother would name her son Romeo?

R:   Back off, Jules!  Grandpa Romeo promised Mom she could marry anyone she wanted if she named her firstborn after him. Trust me, Romeo is better than Guglielmo.  Who can even spell that?

J:   Gug..what?

R:  That’s what I’m saying!

J:   Romeo…by any other name, I’d still be crazy about you!

R:  Or maybe just crazy, Juliet, my love!


10 thoughts on “Romeo, Romeo…

  1. Juliette balconies always amaze me – they seem so useless but I guess if you want to open the doors all the way it would be much better to have the railings there than not! 🙂

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